Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice Cream Anyone?

So I have been a bad mommy when it comes to teaching Cameron to self-feed. He will do finger foods but I haven't worked much with spoon feedings.

When he was little we were always going somewhere and I didn't want him to get messy (yeah, I know better now - who really cares, right?). He quickly learned that he doesn't have to feed himself because someone else will do it.

So I had an idea, on a night the boys were to get a bath I would put them at their table in their diapers and give them something they would REALLY want to eat - ice cream!

Although it looks good in the picture, Cameron wasn't having it. He didn't care what was in that bowl, he just wanted to take a bath.

Mitchell however was happy to explore, get messy and eat some ice cream (even if it was with his hands).

Maybe next time!

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datri said...

Oh, I've been bad with the spoon & fork feeding, too. I really don't want to deal with the mess since whenever I bring out utensils crying and food throwing starts! Really, can't they just live on finger foods forever, LOL.