Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Tristen!

My niece, Tristen Renee is 14 today!

Tristen is the middle child and loves golf and drawing. She is competitive, outgoing, has a great sense of humor, her own sense of style, and is very much a typical teenager (way too into boys, make-up, clothes & gossip!).

She asked for clothes & make-up as birthday gifts.

Me: "Didn't I just buy you make-up for Christmas?"
Her: "Yes, but a girl can never have enough make-up!"
Me: "I think the saying is a girl can never have enough shoes."
Her: "I know, but I have a lot of shoes already."

(I bought her shoes/boots for Christmas too!) What can I say, I have two boys, I love spoiling my nieces.)

[Here's a picture of Tristen from about 7 years ago, but it's still my favorite.]

Happy 14th Birthday Tristen. I love you.

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