Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I have a dream...

My DownSyn, online, bloggy friend, Renee's daughter had to write an "I have a dream" speech for school in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Below is Kassidy's speech and it really touched me(her little sister, Kennedy, just happens to have an extra chromosome like Cameron).

"I have a dream that one day kids with Down syndrome will be treated equally. They wouldn't be teased. Also they would be able to go to college and get jobs. I have a dream that these special kids could do everything they can and be our friends and we'd never turn them down just because they're different. We should all try to be their friends too. That is my dream."

What a wonderful dream! Kassidy is a great big sister and advocate for Kennedy.

I have a dream that Mitchell will one day look after his big brother the same way.

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