Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Therapy Sessions

Speech - Cameron has more words and signs every week. He is doing better at watching and mimicking signs. He is also initiating his own signs without being prompted and putting two signs together (more milk, etc.)

EI Teacher - I was a little nervous because this was the first time he would be with this teacher. He did great! First she had a board with pictures of six different foods on it and had plastic replicas of each food. Cameron's job was to match the item to the pic - he did it! Of course "tasting" each one before putting it on the board (especially the cookie). He did need a little guidance with some of them, but not much. Then she had him do a picture with different colored blotters. He picked up on this quickly and really enjoyed it. I was so impressed that he didn't put the blotters in his mouth. I, of course, saved the picture he made. Then she had a puzzle with farm animals that made sounds when placed into the puzzle, he wasn't too interested in this. Next, she held up 3 flashcards and had him pick whichever one she asked for. He got every one right! We have been working with flashcards for awhile but only choosing from 2, never 3. Next, she had him put shapes in the sorter. He did extremely well with this too.

PT (Physical therapy) - After sitting so well in the chair for 45 minutes with the teacher, he was ready to go, go, go! That he did. He walked up the ramps without assistance, demonstrating his excellent balance and working on his core strength. Dove into the balls, lying down and being silly (as usual). He walked up and down the stairs several times. We still have to work on going down as he likes to become limp and bend his legs, sitting down instead of walking. He played in the noodles while balancing on the wobbly platform (don't know the name of it). He played basketball while on the trampeline. He was done after 1/2 hour (instead of 45 minutes), but that's okay. He did excellent!

Way to go Cameron!

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datri said...

Wow! Great job, Cameron! I can't get Kayla to do any of that stuff!