Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mitchell is standing without hanging on to anything!!!! He will pull to stand, catch his balance and then let go for a good few seconds. He is so cautious and knows how to fall carefully. He is able to catch himself with his hands or just plop on his butt (it's a good thing it's padded).

Cameron signed potty TWICE while pooping!!!! He walked away from us, started signing potty and grunting(I wasn't sure what he was doing at first). I was like, no way, but sure enough he pooped. This happened twice. Does he get it? I will be buying a potty chair soon.

Can you tell I'm one excited mommy?

Way to go boys, we're so proud of you.


Candi said...

This is terrific news Terri! Cameron and Mitchell are doing so well because they have two terrific parents working with them. Way to go boys, love you lots!

Michelle said...

That's great news!

How old are your boys?