Friday, July 25, 2008

9 Mo. Check-Up

Mitchell had his 9 mo. check-up. He is 29 inches long and 18 1/2 pounds. He did so good. He completely relaxed and let Dr. Patti look in his eyes, ears, mouth, etc. Never let out a peep or put up a fight. They drew blood to check if he's anemic (nope) and gave him one shot. He was so happy chewing on mommy's keys that he didn't even notice! Good job little man.

The sad news (for me) is I have to start weaning. Apparently, he's a little underweight (only the 15th percentile) so I am not producing enough milk. I stopped pumping a couple months ago and was still nursing in the morning and evening, but my milk supply must not be enough for him. I'm pretty sad about this, but he was actually starting to wean himself anyway. Just another sign that my baby is growing up.

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