Monday, February 16, 2009

GI Appt. Today

Cameron has been refusing to eat more and more foods including things that used to be his favorites (yogurt & PB&J sandwiches). So I took him to his GI dr. today. He was 24 lbs. on their scale (He is 2 years and 7 months old).

Although his refusing to eat certain foods is likely could be behavioral, I need to rule out anything medical and get some advice on how to get him to eat more of a variety of foods without the constant occasional struggle.

So the plan is to do a food diary writing down the date, the time he started refusing foods eating, the time time finished being sassy eating, the food/drink offered, how much consumed, etc.

We will do all the necessary blood work (CBC, celiac) the next time he gets his thyroid checked. [Note to self- schedule that appt.]

I was told We will be getting a call from the feeding clinic to make an appointment there as well. I do believe while there he will work with a feeding specialist to rule out the likelihood possibility of it being behavioral.

From there it will be determined if we need to do a swallow study and endoscopy.

I am feeling positive about the plan in place until dinner time.

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RK said...

Oh, Terri...we live in Behavioral Refusal To Eat Land. It's so much more than frustrating, isn't it?!?! I hope you guys get some good answers and that the feeding clinic is able to help you help him. :o)