Thursday, October 30, 2008

21 Things About Cameron

In honor of Down syndrome awareness month I am going to post 21 things about Cameron.

1. Cameron has a great sense of humor and thrives on making people laugh.

2. Cameron uses sign language and his first sign was baby a couple days after his baby brother was born.

3. Cameron can raise one eyebrow at a time.

4. Cameron is a bully, enjoys rough play, pushing, wrestling.

5. Cameron's eyes are hazel like his daddy's.

6. Cameron LOVES books.

7. Cameron refuses to feed himself most of the time (he's a little spoiled).

8. Cameron used to hate baths and would take showers with daddy.

9. Cameron is Mr. October in the 2009 WI Upside Down Calendar. He's also featured in December.

10. Cameron is extremely flexible.

11. Cameron is obsessed with TV and would watch it all day if we let him.

12. Cameron loves to learn and often asks to do his flashcards (I hope this continues).

13. Cameron's cheeks get extremely red during the fall/winter months.

14. Cameron began walking at 15 months.

15. Cameron loves music.

16. Cameron is NOT always happy.

17. Cameron is extremely compassionate and often cries when another child/baby does.

18. Cameron is not too fond of dogs, especially big, barking dogs.

19. Cameron was born 3 weeks early with no complications and went home with us after the typical 2 day hospital stay.

20. Cameron has an oral sensory issue and typically mouths objects, and especially likes rough textures (hairbrushes).

21. Cameron will come give me (or daddy or grandma) kisses when his brother gets told no. (because HE's the good boy - at least for that moment in time)

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gillian said...

Great list! Hugs to you all!