Thursday, August 14, 2008


Cameron had therapy with his teacher and again, did great.

She held up two action cards (one Barney is running and one Barney is brushing his teeth) and asked him to pick the one where Barney is brushing his teeth. I personally thought this was a little hard because they were small cards and they were cartoons, not real pictures. BUT, again, I underestimated him. He took his time looking at each one and got all but one!

She did the item/picture matching where she had him place the item on the pictures. He did even better this time. After he tried to eat the pretend food (of course, the cookie was his favorite), he matched them with the pictures and placed them on top.

He also did pretty good when asked to sort the colored pegs. We have been working at home with colors.

I am so proud of you Cameron, keep up the good work!

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