Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brief Update

It has been confirmed that the baby does have an AV Canal (AVSD) which is the same heart defect that Cameron had; and she will need surgery likely at 3 months (same as Cameron).

I don't know whether she has T21 or any other genetic abnormalities as I haven't done an amnio (and don't know that I will).

I'm trying to enjoy my pregnancy and not think about the "what ifs".

On a brighter note, she moves around alot and the nursery is painted! Well, sort of. The bottom is brown and the top is pink BUT I hate the pink (reminds me of Pepto Bismol) so hubby will likely be redoing the pink part to make it a little lighter.

The boys are enjoying talking to and kissing my belly. Mitchell has a cabbage patch doll (that was Dave's) that he takes with him everywhere and says is his baby sister. It's too cute.


Courtney said...

Keep up the positive frame of mind! I am sure this was difficult news to hear, but lots of people will be keeping that sweet girl in their thoughts and prayers! I, for one, can't wait to "meet" her!

RK said...

You sound like you're handling everything just wonderfully. When I was pregnant with #2, we talked about how we'd handle news with the pregnancy if it came up, and we found it interesting that we weren't afraid of any of the "possibilities" anymore. Once you've been through the heart surgery, perspectives change, as you know. I'm so sorry your new little one will have to go throug the same thing, but I'm sure she'll do great and be annoying her brothers in no time at all.

Karyn said...

So glad to hear the update. You and your family, especially your beautiful baby girl, will be in our prayers. And when the beautiful girl get here, Quinn can tell her where to go to get the most stylish hair clippies :>) love, Karyn