Monday, April 20, 2009

12 newborn babies with DS up for adoption

The Adoption Awareness Program in Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati has contacted a friend of mine.

They have TWELVE birth families currently trying to make an adoption plan for their pre-born babies. They are hoping to have several potential adoptive families to present as possibilities.

Are you or anyone you know interested in adopting a baby boy or girl with Down syndrome????

I do have the contact information, please let me know if you would be interested.


RK said...

Oh, wouldn't I love to?!? But now is defintely not the time God has in mind for us. We'll be praying they all find homes. Last I heard, there were still more in the US trying to adopt babies with DS than there were available babies... so I bet they'll all be promised and soon to meet their families in no time!

Simply, Sarah said...

I found 5 serious families for one baby in Texas 2 weeks ago. If you'd like me to post about this on my blog also, let me know. I couldn't believe we could find so many families who were willing and ready to "fly there right now to get him!"

Heather said...

My name is Heather,mom to 6,one amazing miracle and in the midst of alot of ... stuff.However,could you possibly mail me the initial information.Cost,family restriction on size and so on,if there is anything to know in that regard.You know,some might say this is the absolute worst time in our lives but that desire to adopt has been with me since Zoey's birth.God continues to nudge me ... is this another nudge?Hard to say but thought I might at least make an inquiry and let time do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Mom to Carly, 7 yr old with Ds. I would love to have more information. Such as; cost, any resrictions that would be in order, due to parental age, family size and so on.

I don't have a blog, but Carly does have a carepage.


Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to give you my email address!